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10 Modern Memory Books


Looking for a baby book with simple modern design?  In addition to taking photos, I keep memory books for my daughters to record milestones and capture the cute and funny everyday stories.


When something memorable happens I always think I will remember the details but I’ve come to notice that I definitely do not.  When my sister had a baby and started asking me things about what happened with my girls when they were babies I realized I didn’t remember ANYTHING and had to keep checking the baby book!

I make sure to keep a list of both their favorite and not-so-favorite things so I don’t forget the funny aspects of their personalities in the years to come.

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite baby books:


Hey Baby (Illustries)

Oh Baby (Rag and Bone Bindery)

Binth (Binth)

Hello Little One (Land of Nod)

Le Petit Baby Book (Anthropologie)

 The Story of You (Artifact Uprising)

A Star is Born (Mushy Books)

 Baby Your First Five Years (Nora’s Nursery)

Expecting You (Anthropologie)

The Little One (Mushy Books)

Welcome Little One (Smitten Provisions)



Electronic Memory Books


For the technology inclined, these apps save you from having to print out pictures:


1. Sprout Baby

2. Day One

3. Tiny Beans


For more information on newborn photography click here






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